Ergonomic Computer Workstations – Sit to Stand Workstation

Sitting too much can lead to serious damage to the body.

Sit to Stand workstations are starting to become more mainstream. I use one from Workrite.

These allow you to vary your work position to give your back a rest. As they put it: “Ergonomists agree that microbreaks are an excellent way to reduce the effects of repetitive activities. Rather than squirming in your seat late in the day, give your back a rest by standing for a short time. Alternating between standing and seated positions reduces the need for extended workbreaks, increasing employee productivity.” I try to switch positions every hour or two.

In 2012, Lifespan started to produce a standing workstation that had a treadmill underneath it. A great idea, you get a workout while getting your work done. It is expensive at $1500.

Here is a special ergonomic wrist rest that I use on my sit to stand workstation.  This rest platform supports the weight from my arms, reducing tension in  arms. In the end it did not work out for me, but has worked for other folks. Always check on the return policy of any ergonomic item you purchase.

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Above all when sitting, it is important to sit upright in a supportive chair, and not to slouch. Slouching can cause undue strain to be applied on your hands.

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