Handbags, Watches, and Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

Mark Cross handbag circa 1960s
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I remember overhearing another patient’s problems, who was being treated next to me.  She brought in her handbag, proceeded to remove everything from it, and calculated the actual weight of the handbag and its contents. It was clear that she was carrying around a lot of useless items that caused her to exacerbate her hand problems. The hand therapist suggested she lighten her TEN pound bag, with the final bag weighing a much more realistic two pounds.

So if you are having RSI or carpal tunnel syndrome and carry around a big bag, lighten your load.  Carrying around a heavy bag will only multiply your problems.

Manos y reloj
Creative Commons License photo credit: Rodriago

Wearing a big heavy watch? I found that removing my watch helped with my RSI rehabilitation. A big fat watch will just weigh down your arm and increase pressure when typing.

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